Laws Of Customer Service

Here are 7 ways that will put you on top.

1. Roll out the red carpet for everyone. If there’s one thing people hate about poor service, it’s being treated differently from others. It makes them feel inferior and second-rate. Gary Richter says he should roll out the red carpet for everyone, but especially for those who don’t expect it.

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“I tell my employees that if we roll out the red carpet for a billionaire, they won’t even notice. If we implement it for millionaires, they expect it. If we implement it for thousands of people, they will appreciate it. And, if we roll out the red carpet for hundreds, they’ll tell everyone they know. ”

2. Take the time to get to know your customers. The fast pace of modern life coupled with advances in technology have given a non-human face to much of our customer service. If you can find a way to reconnect with your customers one on one, you will hit your customers which will be like a streak of gold. Kathy Burns remembers a time when people took the time to care and listen. “Some of you will remember, and others may have heard stories from a time in your life when the doctor came to your home to check if you were sick. Or maybe you’ve heard of going to your local pharmacy and asking the owner to greet you by name and ask how you are. Not only did they ask, but they really wanted to know the answer and took the time to listen to what you had to say. This is customer service: taking the time to get to know your customers, really caring about how they feel and wanting to do what you can to make sure they’re happy. ”

3. Be easy to do business. One of the problems with modern businesses is that the systems we use to save time and money are often designed for the benefit of the business, not the customers. As a result, the customer experience is frustrating and difficult. Tracey Lowrance says this needs to be reversed. “Customers expect service from a single source. Customers don’t want to be moved to all units of their business to solve their problems. They want to be able to do business with you with minimal discomfort. It should be easy to do business with you. ”

4. Do everything you can to make sure they are happy. One of the most important things your customers want from you is a guarantee that your product or service will work. So move heaven and earth to make sure it does. Bob Leduc suggests that you shouldn’t make people pay until they’re completely happy. Instead of offering a money back guarantee, a service company can offer a guarantee to solve the customer’s problem. For example, a plumber can guarantee free returns as many times as necessary to stop the leak. A landscaper can replace for free any plant that does not survive for at least 6 months. A sales consultant can continue to work for free until the promised sales results are achieved. ”

5. Observe what customers see. Much of what customers think about you comes from what they see and believe. Personal Selling Power noticed the following difference in two candy stores. “Although two competing candy stores had the same prices, the neighborhood kids preferred one store to another. When asked why, they replied, “Because the person from the good store gives us more and more sweets. The girl from the other store gets the candy.” Right? Not exactly. In the good shop, the owner always made sure to put a small amount of candy on the scale and then kept adding. In the bad shop, the owner stacked a lot of candy on the scale and then removed them until it reached the right weight. The same amount of candy was being sold, but perception is everything.

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